Slimed in the Shower

I get aggravated in the shower. Usually I like the shower, it’s a good place to let your mind wander off into nothing in particular.

The problem is the shower curtain, it keeps sliming me. There I am, all nice and warm in the water and then along comes the cold, clingy shower curtain, attaching itself to my flesh. Yuck! I try to nail it down to the sides of the tub with the magnets at the bottom but it escapes. I try to throw it part ways out of the tub but it seems to come back. If it take it out entirely I have a huge mess to clean up on the floor. You only realize how much water you use when you nearly drown in it once you get out of the shower.

By the way, yes, this stick grrl does have full frontal nudity. The first ever nude grrl I’ve drawn. Don’t be shocked, but I don’t wear clothes into the shower. In spite of what you may have heard, it is not a good way to avoid doing laundry.

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