Sense of Writing

The act of writing is very much about the five senses. But, how do we know there are only five?

I’ve wondered if there are other basic senses we just don’t know about. I don’t mean a sixth sense like ESP. Beyond those metaphysical senses. What if there is something just as physical as sight but since we don’t have eyes we can’t see it?

We know music because it’s a sound and we can hear sounds. Hearing is one of our five senses (sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing). We know what we like to eat because we can smell and taste it. It seems to be there could be other things we will never know, things we aren’t equipped to sense.

I have no idea what other sense we might be missing. How could I? I don’t have the sense to figure it out. But, it does seem possible for something like that to exist. After all, there would be no music if we couldn’t hear it. Just as there would be no words if we couldn’t read them.

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