Sci Fi Grrl on Another World

Working full time again is like living on another planet, in another world. I come home, I have dinner, I waste time watching TV and then I have to get to bed so I can start all over again the next day. So many things I want to do and don’t get done. This blog and the other one and my own site. I used to keep all those balls in the air, juggled around. It’s bugging me.

Tonight I came home late, the bus was running late, but I managed to finally get someone at Bell and straighten out the account for the digital TV. So, after two months, I finally have the science fiction channel. I thought they would have a bigger selection of the old shows like the Canadian Starlost which has always bugged me cause I never saw how they ended that, if they did. Also the new and old Doctor Who series from the UK. Others I’m sure I will think of later. Maybe they already had a run and were retired from the regular line up as people got tired of them. But, I’m new and I want to see the old tired stuff. It’s fun to watch the outdated science fiction as much as I enjoy seeing the new.

At least I can waste my time watching worlds end and aliens taking over and all the other odd and interesting things going on in science fiction these days.

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