Private, Secretive and Seductive

Blog Talkers: Tell us …

What are your opinions on the subject of giving personal information out in your blog entries? Do you use the real names of the people you blog about? Have you ever had a bad experience with someone getting ‘too much information’? I’d like to know: Do the people that you blog about ever complain that you are blogging about them?

Question submitted by: Write From Karen

My blog isn’t a secret but no one in my family is interested enough to read it. Sometimes I use names and sometimes just the title (brother, sister, etc.)

Now and then I reconsider something I wrote, most of the time I just leave it there. But, once in a while I delete something as being too personal and going too deep into my private thoughts and feelings.

The only problem I have is that of all my family my eleven year old nephew reads this. Not very often. But, I wish he wasn’t. There are thoughts here which I wouldn’t have ever told him about, things too adult for a young man.

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