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Thirteen Things about Laura

1. I like cute socks.
2. Most of my computer games are city building types. But, I am addicted to Carmageddon.
3. I have never broken a bone in my body.
4. Right now I’m sitting here in a nightie, a green one. Nothing else but cute pink socks.
5. Tomorrow I am planning to hit the thrift stores: GoodWill and Value Village.
6. I am thinking to start a blogroll for sites with UE (urban and rural exploration) photos.
7. I am also planning a blogroll to go along with the WordGrrl blog.
8. I watch Canadian Idol. I think the early shows are better than the big phone in, final ten type shows.
9. I have a pirate fetish. I had it long before Johnny Depp and crew made it fashionable.
10. When I was 16 I saved money. I don’t know what happened to me since then.
11. I really do have too many books. I am obsessed with them.
12. I have to really conclude that Windows Vista sucks in a bad way.
13. I don’t mind to tell people just about anything about myself. But, I get really angry about anyone snooping into my things or myself. I am both really open and really private at the same time. I guess.

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