Packaging a Presentation

What’s in your package?

Do you have:

  • business cards
  • stationery
  • brochure
  • media kit
  • website
  • professional clothes
  • and
  • an office?

Plus, of course, your work itself. All organized in clips, articles, or the books themselves (depending on which medium you use).

Do you have a package?

Of course, we all have a package to present to the world. But, have you done much with yours? Have you put effort into making it professional and available?

You can have a home office. Something simple, organized and some kind of oasis where you keep clutter to a minimum and your writing time separate from your business time. Yes, you do need some time for the business of writing.

Business cards and stationery are part of an office set up. They don’t cost an entire arm and a leg. You know you can go for good paper stock and save bucks on less fruity fonts. Just keep it simple and very easy to read.

Business cards and stationery can be mini-brochures. Space is strictly limited (especially on cards) but you can give out the basics: name, address, website, email, phone number, a logo or illustration from something you have done, office/ contact hours, sales or prizes worth bragging about, your upcoming project, quote from a great review, professional degrees or memberships in professional organizations, the name of your business and the year you started. Eliminate some and add others depending on your niche and your special talents and ambitions. But, on the business card you really want to keep it to a minimum – it’s a card, not a book. Save your long winded guns for the brochure itself.

Of course the website is a brochure too.

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