Melting to the Music

People ask about your music choices and I never really have anything to tell them. I can listen to whatever comes on the radio, standard type fare. But, in truth, the music that makes me melt into a pile of romantic slush is the old stuff and the classical stuff. Sometimes the mushiness of Bryan Adams and Barry Manilow and Jann Arden and so on. I’ve been listening to the Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook CDs tonight and right now I am total mush. I’d go on a date with just about any guy tall enough to hold me while we danced close enough for him to softly sing the words in my ear. Likely the date would end well for both of us.

Excuse me while I flip to the next CD in the series. I had to buy all four when I found them. I also have female crooners and jazz singers but tonight Rod Stewart is getting the air time.

Classical music too… especially something with a cello, kind of strong and mellow.

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