Market and Genre Busting

How many different kinds of writing can you think of? Beyond the non-fiction and fiction there seem to be an endless variety of genres and styles and mediums for writers to get into. Everything least thing you read, someone has written.

For non-fiction writers (other than the obvious books and magazines) consider corporate writing (internal employee and external media and client publications), government ministries and bureaus putting out information and campaigns for the public, script writing for TV, movies or theatre, technical writing (specialized information which needs to be written simply into instruction manuals), public relations (speeches, creating slogans, commercials and a public image), and consulting (offering your special expertise).

Fiction writers have a different angle to consider. Look at different publications but consider a different genre. Are you stuck in a rut with your story, turn it into a soap opera instead. Branch out to the style of an old western, science fiction, horror, or make it a mystery. Try poetry, can you narrow down all your thoughts into one short haiku?

Why not try something new? After all that is the best way to beat writers block. If you keep trying new ideas I doubt you will ever feel you can’t write.

Having options is the best revenge.