Mad Man Stalking is Slow Going

I gave the man a Christmas card, even wrote my email address on the back with the comment “Recycle at will”. Just so he didn’t feel overly pressured. But, there have been negligible results. Terry says he kind of circled around me yesterday, but I didn’t see it. I thought he might have sent an email, that would have been pretty easy. I thought he might have spent some speck of time on the weekend and written a Christmas card for me. But, nothing on Monday when I was in at work. So, I am letting it rest. Not a long and greatly rewarding career as a mad man stalker but no one wants to over do it and be a pest or crazy stalker. It was interesting, a little adventure. He, of course, never made any promises (or any contact) so it is not hard to let go and look ahead for the next adventure.

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