Getting The Camera Twitch

I keep my digicamera in my purse. It’s been in there awhile, lonely. No chances for pictures of abandoned farm houses lately. I’ve tried. Last weekend I thought I was going to escape out to the wild wrecky yonder. No luck. Family commitments.

I’m feeling the withdrawl symptoms. The shake of the camera holding hand. The tremble of the eye muscles, expecting to find the next ruin around the next bend in the next dirt road. I’ve got flash backs to the good old days when I was out there… cruising for my next fix. Free of buses, waiting for the bus to go to work. Being stuck on the same old route every day. It’s a trap.

This weekend, this Saturday, the plan is to getaway and find a site I noticed awhile ago. Right along the Grey Roots Museum. They never did answer my email.

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