Feeling Like a Fraud

I wrote this in my blog. What do you think? Do you feel the same way?

You have no idea what a big fraud I feel like. I’m no expert in or about anything and yet here I am writing newsletters for Pagans, travelers, gardeners, writers, decorators, and so on. Who do I think I am? But, more than that why do they listen to me? There’s the real mystery.

It’s weird isn’t it? When I’m writing I have in my mind the critic who keeps shouting over my shoulder that someone could poke their eye out if they listen to me. But, I keep going. I keep writing anyway. The sending for publishing part is even harder than the original writing part. If you actually try to publish your unexpertness someone is bound to catch you and report you as the fraud you are.

I admit I know nothing beyond the contents of my own brain. Maybe that’s good enough. I do have a lot up there after all.

Those brain contents and our research are all any of us have to go on really. Think about that next time you feel like you’re a writing fraud. If someone can read your words and come away with something concrete or something they see as good then you’re doing your job as a writer. You don’t have to be the perfect expert with all the answers. Sometimes it just takes someone to write it, even if all they really know are the questions.

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