Did that scare you? Well, it scares me. Not to the extent that my hair is turning white… well, not all at once. But enough that I feel the pressure to procrastinate.

How do you procrastinate? I tend to play computer games. At least it keeps me in the right area, if not very focused. Sometimes I snap out of it, grab a hold and tell myself (sternly) that this is not a good thing. Most of the time I begin planning my article around then. Being stern with myself seems to give me inspiration.

I think most of us come to a point where we have to force ourselves to write. For whatever your own personal reasons, its not easy to create something out of an idea and a blank page. You aren’t going to feel that orgasm of inspiration and lust to write for each and every article you work on. Or you might reach a point where you don’t have more to say about a topic you write about frequently.

How do you get new ideas, new angles? Try procrastinating, but in a good way. Read the newspaper, take a walk outside and see what you come up with. Sometimes all it really takes in combining ideas. While you are outside you see a few birds and think about how birds often fly into buildings. Could that be a new article for your architecture column? Or a new fiction story about what drives birds or doesn’t drive them? Its up to you to twist things around and put them into print. Just don’t procrastinate too long, you’ve got that blood thirsty deadline, remember?