Cellular Seagulls

I was downtown today. Walking along the city sidewalk to the coffee shop I noticed all the people wandering around the doorway area and thought how funny all those cell phone and cigarette people look. Like seagulls circling and hovering around a landfill. It’s funny the things people will do for their habits. What would all those people have been doing if there were no cell phones and cigarettes were not allowed? They’d have less reason to flock around like seagulls or pigeons.

I took photos of the damage to the house by the tenants who lived upstairs. Each time I take a batch there seems to be another site to photograph. Today my brother was here and noticed a damaged window in the bathroom. Other things too and I will try to remember them in the morning when I take the camera upstairs for another round.

I bought two new science fiction books. It’s nice getting new books, I miss that though it is smarter to buy them used when book prices are over $10.00 each. It doesn’t seem so long ago I was buying several at a time when I was a teenaged bookworm taking the day off school to go to the World’s Biggest Bookstore downtown.

I mucked around with the sidebar on the blog tonight. So aggravating to choose what to keep versus how much space it takes up and how much it drags on the loading time for the blog. It was a good way to check for dead links in my links which is always a good thing.

Tomorrow I need to redesign thatgrrl.ca. It’s a lot to do and I really don’t have a plan at the moment. Not sure I will get it done as a bunch of guys are coming over for more construction/ demolition on the house above my head. So often all your best plans get whacked by someone else’s best plans.

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