Better Procrastination

What would you rather be doing? Here you sit at this machine, your face plugged into a monitor your fingers slaving away over a keyboard, chances are you aren’t really all that comfortable sitting there… what would you rather be doing?

Think about it. Take your time…. well, ok take all of a minute. I can wait that long.

So? What would you rather be doing than writing? How about sailing, dancing, traveling, swimming, spending money at the mall, enjoying a really good coffee, kissing your sweetheart… it can become quite a list.

So, when you procrastinate instead of writing, why do you tend to do things not even on your list of things you’d rather be doing?

Don’t give me that innocent look.

Next time you start to procrastinate by playing some computer game, watching the soaps, checking for email and so on and on, stop and think. What would you really rather be doing?

Then take some time and do it. At least a modified version of whatever you would rather be doing.

Writing is a job but it’s not a torture. If you don’t give yourself a break you will suffer and so will your writing. But, make sure you take a real break. Don’t just aimlessly procrastinate then feel guilty for it later. Accomplish something and feel good. Come back to your computer ready and happy to write. Refresh yourself by doing something you really would rather be doing.

Besides, everyone knows writing isn’t a real job. Our cover is blown, might as well make the most of it.