20 Minutes

It’s funny how quickly 20 minutes can go by. The streetcar comes by here every 20 minutes, according to the schedule from what I’ve experienced (listening to it going by from inside the apartment) it sticks to that schedule very well. It’s funny that I hear another one go by and then think… 20 minutes… I’ll just check email again and…. next thing I know I’m hearing another streetcar going by, 20 minutes later. Funny how you can get caught up in what you are doing and it takes far less than 20 minutes to lose track of time. I just passed another 20 minute mark. I could spend a few minutes puttering around and then find another 20 minutes will have passed me by. I think, this time I better stop puttering. Soon it will be so far afternoon that I will reconsider getting out at all today. Puttering around takes up so much time. Yet the important stuff might take only a few minutes, only 20 of them even.

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