Customer Service Abuse

It was Thursday… I don’t think I had this many people spazzing and yelling at me even when I was a telemarketer. The real joke is that these people called me for help. However, the joke is on them. I didn’t really try to help any of the real jerks. Why should I? Let them just stew in their own juices with phones, TV and Internet that don’t work.… Read the rest

PHS – Phantom Headset Syndrome

My first day of being on the phone all day. Not perfect by a longshot but not all bad. One thing (which I had forgotten from the telemarketing days) is Phantom Headset Syndrome: the feeling of still wearing your phone headset hours after you have removed it, packed it away, taken the bus home, had dinner and thought about going to bed.… Read the rest

Really and Absolutely Getting Jealous of Sleeping Beauty

I can’t say I’ve missed the 9 to 5 thing, or the 8 to 4 thing as I’ve been doing this past week. But, that should be a little easier once I get that first magical pay cheque. I’m looking forward to that.

Getting up each morning is a bit of a chore so far. I feel silly and lazy and indolent to not be getting up considering I only have myself to hustle along.… Read the rest


Lawrence Clark Powell – “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.”

The New Working Grrl

The new job is a call centre. Taking phone calls to help people with digital TV and phone for a company in Florida. No one is supposed to know they are talking to someone in Ontario, they prefer to let them assume we are all local. Which is fine by me. I’m not expecting to get really chummy with anyone on the phone.… Read the rest

I’ve Done My Time

First day of the new job today. It isn’t so different from the work I was doing on cash at Zellers. But, It pays a LOT better and I don’t have to stand there like some moving target all day long. The next two weeks I am making $10 an hour for the training and then I’m getting $11 an hour with the prospect of a quarterly raise (40 cents an hour).… Read the rest