Broken China Flowers

These were at the GoodWill but too broken to buy and bring home to sit with all the other china posie bowls. One flower stem was broken right off. I turned it to the back for the picture.

Garden Angel

Hard to see it but she is holding a sundial above her head. Looked really good in the store but way more than I could spend on something non-essential. I did take her picture though.

Blog Fodder: Coffee Funnel Thing

Blog Fodder: What is the best kitchen gadget that you own that you can’t live without?

I don’t have gadgets. Just a pink can opener, a microwave and the one cup coffee filter/ funnel thing that I used for…. coffee making. No high tech involved. But the coffee thing is my favourite, one I miss now that it is packed up for moving.… Read the rest

Understand the Target

Today on the radio I must have had CBC on. They were talking about marketing. Kind of an interesting topic. I like the science behind it. Not so much the results.

Anyway, an interesting quote (which I don’t have word perfect): “People don’t want to be targeted, they want to be understood.” This was in reference to ads being targeted to groups of people.… Read the rest