You Need a PIM

Do you remember that woman you emailed about writing that article? You know, the one you met on that website the other night. Remember, she had that really cool email address, you were sure it would be easy to remember, it’s on the tip of your pen… if only you had kept track of that information.

Been there? Been there a few more times than you care to admit? Me too. Let’s do something about it.

Let’s work on getting organized. If we do it together it won’t hurt quite so much. Yes, I’m lying but just pretend you don’t know that.

Start with contact management. I know you have a whole pile of papers you’re itching to sort out right away, all those great ideas you intend to make into that really great and ever so useful idea folder which we discussed in a previous newsletter. But… let’s work on managing your contacts today. If you can remember who you promised what to and their email address you’re ahead of the game. Plus, you won’t drive yourself crazy wondering what you missed among the clutter on your desk and in your brain.

I found a freeware contact manager/ address book last night. It looks good, really good. Plus it’s freeware, how can you go wrong with that? (Shh, I like some illusions). You can find it at JB Enterprises. I’m including a link below with the newsletter. It will also be with my current BW column once I get that far.

Another program which seems to offer more than contact management and is geared to writers is The Literary Machine. I haven’t done more than download that one. But, it sounds worth an exploration. That link will also be below.

Check around yourself for other contact management and PIM (personal information manager) software. You might get lucky and find something exceptional. I just look for the freeware, that’s the kind of grrl I am.

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