You Can Do It!

Can you really. Are you sure?

I found a book at Goodwill, “You Can Do It!”. I liked that it was another self-help type book geared to women. Plus it was $1.99. (Yes, even Goodwill has put up their prices this summer).

The book is written by Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, she died September 11th, 2001 on Flight 93. But she began the book the year before she died and her two sisters finished and published it for her. I like that her sisters finished the book. As I read it I wonder how much Lauren wrote and how much her sisters finished. They say lovely and inspiring things about her. But she’s not around to contribute for herself. What would she have written about her book? What a shame to have your book published and miss out on seeing it in print.

They set up a non-profit group in her name, in Texas, where the family is from.

The book does look good. It’s based on the Girl Guide badge system. Each time you accomplish something you wanted to do (but were afraid to try) you get badge sticker to stick on something, as a small celebration. I can see this would be a good way to build yourself up again. Making small steps that get bigger as you accomplish more and dare to try for bigger things.

It’s really too bad Lauren isn’t here to see how her book is doing and put up a website encouraging reader feedback and building a social community. All those fun things.

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