WordPress.com Import Feature Mangled my Blogger

I’m so aggravated with WordPress.com today. I tried to import this blog over to a new one on WordPess.com. There is a new featuure which supposedly makes it easy. Sure… maybe if you have a small blog.

I tried seven times and it timed out each and every time. Then, it left Blogger with nothing but a link to WordPress. I reloaded my template from Blogger. I had it saved as the instructions said to do so.

But, after I reloaded the template the whole thing has left this blog in a mess. All my spacing between paragraphs is gone. The only spacing left is where I added blockquote tags. Everything else is all run together. I could go back through all my posts from the last year and a half and fix them. But, I just don’t want to spend time doing that.

After all that, I found out you can’t even customize your template at WordPress.com. Doesn’t that make using WordPress kind of a moot point. Being about to change the theme/ template is one of my favourite things about blogging and WordPress especially. So, I will likely not use WordPress.com again. But, continue to use WordPress.org on my own site.

Meanwhile I will just have to try not to look at my old blog entries here. It is really going to bug me to see them all squished together like this. I wish I had never tried to import anything.

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