Why is Finding Someone so Complicated Anyway?

Really, think about it, you make the decision to have someone in your life. Someone to spend time with, someone to come home to and all those things. So, why is it so hard to find someone? It’s not like I’m asking for rocket science.

Prefer male as I’d like to have a marriage WITH sex this time.

Should not be a complete scumbag. I can accept some mild scumbagedness. What would I do with a guy who was too good for me?

Tall would be nice but not essential. Maybe I will find other reasons to look up to him.

Decent looking, not the sort you would expect to appear on wanted posters at post offices and police stations. Other assests would be good hands and a smile. A guy who doesn’t have cooties is a real plus.

Intelligence, now this I do kind of crack down on. I expect a guy to have some spelling ability. I can’t live with a guy who is barely literate. It would fester and bug me over time.

Humour, no moody bastards.

That’s the list really. Maybe a few odds and ends like not currently in prison or not currently married or gay.

Why is it so hard to find a guy? I know the age thing is a small problem. I don’t want to date a 20-something. I’d feel I was corrupting a minor. It would be like a 20-somthing dating a 10 year old. Just not a good thing.

Oh well, still hunting, I thing my aim is improving.

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