Where I’m From

I came across this in a blog this morning. But, I can’t do a linkback cause Firefox crashed and I don’t remember which blog it came from. I did find the originating site in my History sidebar. That gives the format used. Anyway, its kind of a nice exercise in nostalgia.

Now that I think about it, and try to come up with answers to where I am from, I don’t really know where I’m from.

I am from the land of the red maple leaf, from pine trees and silvery birch trees.

I am from the the house with gardens, the kiddie swing set overlooking the wild, deep ravine below.

I am from the sweet william, the violets, johnny jump ups freshly blooming in Spring.

I am from road trips and laughter with Mom, from The Scherles and the Earles and the Armbrusters too.

I am from the easy going and the endlessly critical.

From “no one will ever want you” and “you can do anything you try”.

I am from Irish Presbyterians and grew into Earth Witchery, with a joy for life and nature.

I’m from the Irish, the German, the Scots, cabbage rolls, homemade buns and Mom’s endless soup variations.

From the armbusters – not too proud to be too honest, the lawmakers – far too proud to be pleasant, but always correct and right and just in their minds.

I am from sisters, a brother, Woodstock green, coffee cups and craftmanship.

Who do you think I am?

Try out my Johari Window.

Play nice. I know where you blog.

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