Website Tinkering and Tampering

Someone told me that the front page of my personal site is just a webring page. I was really peeved! I’ve worked hard to make that a nice entrance way. It still seems kind of unprofessional and “needs improvement” but it’s so much better than my first few versions. I’m getting the hang of tables. Sometimes I even understand why they suddenly warp and flop around like fish out of water. Only sometimes.

Anyway, I took a few dozen second looks at my site and I realized that she may have ignored all my graphics and the bit of introduction and just decided that my front page was for webrings and an index to the rest of the site. I guess graphics aren’t enough. They are pretty pictures but they are also discounted as far as meaty content.

So, I am trying to think of something more to do with some of that front page real estate. I don’t want to do any of the standard home page things like an introduction or a biography. Why put site visitors to sleep before they have even begun to look around? Once you read a few biographies they all start sounding the same.

I need something unique and startlingly new. Something that will have people talking about my amazing feats of front page technique for as long as the Internet still clicks. The problem is, I have no ideas, so far.

Isn’t it interesting how much time we put into catching people’s attention? Is it entertainment or information? That is the first thing I need to decide. I’m leaning away from entertainment. But, once I get that figured out all the other decisions will be much easier.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep in mind, all my website tampering takes place over months, not weeks. In other words, don’t hold your breath, it could be hazardous to your health.