Type Tango: Find your Man by Personality Type

Then club him and haul him home. No wonder men tend to have shorter hair. It was all a protection thing.

I was looking at Type Tango and a bunch of stuff about Myers Brigg personality types today. I wanted to see what personality was compatible with ENFP, which is me! No results so far. I’m still in email limbo.

I really think I will change from Netscape to Rogers or Sympatico DSL. This waiting is bugging me. Why is it fast enough all day but them molasses at night? It’s so not fair to night people. Maybe they secretly plot to retrain us all?

Anyway, now that I’ve distracted you… What is your Myers Brigg type? The Bloginality link is the quickie way to find out. Scroll down, it’s there, I posted it yesterday. You don’t want to make me walk down there and get it do you? Never mind, I got it… Go go Google Toolbar!

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