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Sagittarius is a Fire sign.

Honesty is the key to your happiness although it can make you seem at times some what insensitive. Your keen sense of adventure will ensure that your life is never dull and you prefer to live life on the edge, travel plans are never far off as you venture into new and daring pursuits. You can sometimes be cinical and try to analyise things too much but sometimes you should just let life be. You also have a philosophical side that comes out during even the most heated discussions.

Is it just me or are they trying to say “Are you insane?!!” in a nice way? Silly astrologers.

Horoscope for Sagittarius
19 Jan 2006
You may find your self a bit frazzled if you allow someone to goad you into an unsavory debate. Make plans to mix business with pleasure. Dinner with clients or business associates should be successful. Don’t get involved in other people’s problems.

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