Time to Buy a New Dictionary

When did you last buy/ get a new dictionary? How about a thesaurus? Maybe you splurged and got a rhyming dictionary too?

I especially like playing around with my thesaurus. But, tonight, I discovered how out of touch my trusty dictionary is. In fact, good old trusty is down right rusty. There is no ergonomics in my dictionary. Sure, I can spell check it with Lotus Word but it’s just not the same. If you can’t rely on your hand held print dictionary what is life coming to?

It’s coming to the point where I will sacrifice a few (few dozen likely) bucks and buy myself a shining new, updated dictionary. Now, the question is which company to choose from. The current oldie is a Funk and Wagnalls I bought for college English classes. At the time it was the best choice between wordiness and thriftiness.

However, I’m not a college student any more. Now, I’m actually making real cash money every other week. I’ll stick with paperback. It’s easier to transport around and find space for. I can’t imagine hauling out some hard, huge book every time I get the urge to look up something.

Another credential for my dictionary will be Canadian spellings. I’m Canadian and I intend to go on spelling like one. If anyone can’t understand it they can just pull out a dictionary of their own.

While I’m dictionary shopping this weekend I’ll peek at the thesaurus too. It’s more fun than the stuffy old dictionary anyway.

So, how old is your dictionary? Can you find ergonomics?