There are Few Words That Rhyme with John

Think about it. I came up with gone and it’s relatives – begone. Nothing else I came up with made it past four letters.

Here is my list of rhymers:

con, fawn, dawn, don, gone, lawn, pawn, sawn, yawn.

You could stretch and try one, the word. But it doesn’t have quite the right sound.

What was the point to this post? Why do you assume I had a point? Do you think I need an actual reason to post? No, just the energy to touch type and something randomly firing up the synapses of my brain.

Why do you get up in the morning? Because it’s light enough to see where you’re going, right? Admit it’s not cause you just love going to work every day. Or cause you are up for Mother of the Year and must hustle to feed your kids before they recind all their votes.

I have not heard from John in about a month now. It’s not a good thing.

I’m burned out on the whole dating thing, I think. Men just don’t seem to grow on trees after all. Don’t listen to your brother. Dating is not easy just cause you come equipped with natural DD boobs.

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