The Word is a Force

“The word is not just a sound or written symbol. The word is a force, it is the power you have to express and communicate, to think, and thereby to create the events of your life” – Don Miguel Ruiz

I found this at Meditations for Women. But, I don’t want to register to use another site and get spammed for it later. This was a nice quote though, I would have liked to see more.

ReConnecting and ReBuilding

First of all, I had an email from John this morning. He is living in a bachelor apartment in Hamilton and discovered that his past employer has been bad mouthing him each time someone calls her to check on him. So that was certainly why he got the cold shoulder from everyone he had an interview with. So that’s how things are with John. I emailed him back and said he is a work in progress and not to get discouraged. (Progress being the key word).

For myself, I am pretty decided on the move thing. I’m not keen about moving and I’m really going to hugely miss having a car (poor thing had an exhaust leak and could not pass the emissions test) but even I should be able to find a job in Toronto. I’m applying to the temp agencies for now. If I can find something to start right away I can find something else while making rent payments and supporting my computer habit.

I may blab more here later. I want to get the work of job hunting done this morning. I did begin but was distracted by email.

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