The Great Underemployed


The sad thing is, there are only so many of those TV perfect jobs to go around and a lot more educated and skilled people who would like that TV job and TV lifestyle, even those TV friends and TV dinners (not the silver foil kind).

A lot of people drift into the part time masses of jobs. They squack, they complain but eventually you have to do something to be somewhat self sufficient. It’s a trap of it’s own making though. You never do get self sufficient. If any one thing goes wrong and you miss a payment your whole life is screwed up and falls apart like a house made of glass cards. It may be that you can duct tape it back together but it’s just a temporary fix.

Only those TV perfect job people never really have to worry about how far they can stretch the next pay cheque. Instead they worry about having the right clothes to go out for TV dinners where they eat stuff I’d have to look up in a dictionary to spell.

I’m not bitter, exactly. Someone has to be first in every race, even the rat race. That leaves a lot more options open for the people trying to get to first. We can do retail, janitorial or the far more clever ones realize manual labour is a good thing and get into trades where they soon have newbie trades people to do the grunt work for them. It’s a way of sneaking up on those perfect TV jobs. A really great plan and one that I can admire, from back here in no man’s land.

I think I should write a new blog for the underemployed. It would be about how to stretch your dollars, creative thrift, how to keep yourself easily amused, and how to keep that useless part time job that pays some of the bills some of the time.

Do you think a blog like that would be interesting? Or would it just be far too damned depressing and not all nice and shiny like the perfect TV blogs?

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