Ta Do Ron Ron

I will do the template here. Eventually. I don’t actually mind the minimal thing now, it’s starting to grow on me. I’m not fond of the blue however. I really only like blue when it’s that blue and white dresden pattern. I think dresden is what I’m thinking.

If I could do whatever I wanted today it would be a ROAD TRIP day. I feel so bland and the weather is clouding over. Which is fine, I like a good storm and rain. I like being out there in them, feeling the wind and rain on me.

The idiot starlings are back. You may call them grackle, or some other bird name. Everyone seems to think of them as something else. They are like small crows, only the real crows would kick their butt, I hope. I don’t like the starlings. They are greedy, bossy and extremely territorial, on MY territory. Don’t they know they’re birds, I live here – not them. When they get to the egg hatching phase they will chase me each time I dare to go out of the house. They dive bomb my head 2 or 3 times while I make a jog for the car in the driveway. I loathe them as I loathe few of the animal kingdom.

I want to take a large sized badminton racket and whack them with it, take that birdie! I want to carry a big vacuum hose and suck them up, that would surprise them in mid dive. Damned birds. I’d much rather have the crows, they have dignity and wouldn’t be caught with their nest any where near a human house. I wonder if I could coax them into becoming trained attack birds, on the hunt for starlings. Rip their feathers off! Drastic.. maybe, but you haven’t had starlings attacking you every Spring for the last 3 years.

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