Suddenly Naked

My white gold sleeper earrings just broke. I’m moderately peeved. I’ve worn them constantly for about three years. They were almost trouble free. Till one snagged my comb after a late night shower, a few minutes ago. It didn’t even break right then. Just came open. It was while I was in the bathroom trying to push the ends back together that one end snapped off. Now I have naked ears. It feels so strange.

Grrls Night Inn

It’s Sunday evening. Nearly 11:00 PM. Just thought you might like that little update. Was that excitement, or what?

Zack is here, hopefully sleeping by now. He was charged up tonight. Maybe it was knowing he won’t be with his family and Mom is leaving tomorrow night. I remember how I felt when I was in that situation, ages ago, when I was a kid being sent to live with my Grandmother for awhile. It was a sick, desperate feeling. But, Zack does like his Grandmother, I didn’t really like my Grandmother. Maybe she aspired to be queen of tough love. It didn’t work for me.

Anyway, not a lot going on. I miss John so much I have shed a tear over the whole thing. I’ve never yet met him face to face so I always feel kind of silly about feeling attached to him and missing him. So, today I made another post to Craigslist. So far all the replies are from men who are not my age, not single or not caucasion which were my three MUSTs. Are men just blind, stupid or THAT desperate? Do they hunger for rejection or do they just think I will go for whatever I can get, as if I’m that desperate. I have no answers and the ones I do have I don’t really want to know. Does it matter? In the end I only want one fish out of that tank/ ocean/ gene pool. I’m not greedy, one decent, intelligent guy who worships the ground I walk upon, will do.

Just kidding. Not about the worship part though. Get real, a grrl has to have some fun.

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