Out To Barrie

We are making cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers today. I need to go out and get saurkraut to add to the mix, soon. We took garden pictures. She asked for pictures of some plants which I hadn’t really noticed when I was taking the pictures on my own yesterday. Nice to be out there with Mom in the garden. Nice that I can be the “photographer”.

Later, when the rolls are done she thought we would go out to Barrie. I think I will bring along the camera. But, I don’t know if I will actually take any pictures. There is always that intimidation factor when you bring out your camera. Not so much worrying about if people will cringe at the site of a camera but worrying if I will. As Skye wrote about her train adventure. It’s different when someone is watching you. She was worried about stranger danger. But, for me, I worry more about feeling like a goof out there with a camera. I admit, I think about myself, not others.

Still, maybe I will get a few nice pictures of something or other. If I keep this up I will have a photoblog instead of a useless woman rambling on about nothing blog. Which would be better. Not that you actually have a vote. This blog is no democracy. 😉

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