One Week Left

Sort of the grand final sale.

I have one week to do this whole move and job getting thing. Ick, ugg.

Too bad I can’t just skip ahead a week, or two. I’d like to get to that part where I have done all the moving, I have settled in and I have a bed and my computer set up. I have a job, one that I actually like and feel good about. I’d like to be past all the muckitty muck about selling the car and the unknown lovelies which seem to trip me up, namely the insurance and expired plate which they say you should not be driving around without or with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fast forward button? I know we are supposed to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. I do that, really I do. But, couldn’t I just skip this bit of the journey, just this one time? I’ve had a bit too much journey and not any destination this whole winter.

I am looking forward to having a place of my own again, finally, maybe. It’s renting, yet I can have a lock with the only key, in theory. I can be the one who decides where things are put and how they are put there. No one will tell me how messy I am, other than me. I’m pretty quiet when I’m alone so I won’t boss myself around too much.

I may not post much here this next week. I am working very hard at job hunting, you know. How I hate it, the whole thing of setting yourself up to be found lacking, yet again. If I was one of those perfect magazine people with wallets bulging with credit cards, life would be fine, all maxed out.

I feel like I’m even getting my period today, dammit. I’ll be making squishing noises while I move. At least I have a fair supply of Midol and I won’t be the one operating any heavy machinery. So, you’re all safe on the highways and biways.

The Blog Studio

It seems I am going to be moving near to The Blog Studio. I wish I knew enough of the code side of web design to offer myself up for the job they have posted there.

It would have been a nice job, creative and evolving with new ideas and technology. Though I have been thinking blogs are going to have some kind of implosion soon. Someone is going to realize blogs are content management after all and they have pretty much spammed out the community that used to exist.

What will come next? The first thing will come from the indie publishers, not the business typhoons. They will just try to buy it later.

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