More Deadlines

Deadlines sound like a fisherman’s term for a bad day.

How do you handle deadlines? Are you a procrastinator, like me? Sometimes I do get started early, with all the passion and enthusiasm for the topic I’m undertaking. But, I get too caught up in the research and the ideas. The actual article doesn’t start taking shape until I suddenly realize the deadline is looming over me like big black clouds over a tiny fishing boat on the lake. Then, I rush and worry that I haven’t done the article as well as I could have, should have. Days like those your spellchecker can be your good friend.

Undertaking is another good word. It definitely sounds like what the undertaker does and I guess it really is, just not quite the same thing when applied to a funeral parlour. Yes, I’m full of bad witticisms today.

Anyway, a writing assignment/ project/ job/ career requires undertaking and deadlines on a regular basis. Deadlines keep you from poking around, if you’re like me. Undertakings get you started. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Any time you feel overwhelmed by the job (writing or otherwise) it’s a great idea to step back and break it into bite sized pieces. That way it’s manageable instead of horrifyingly huge and a massive undertaking. You can also put the least appealing things first, get them done and out of the way so you can enjoy the parts you like and have a better chance of being finished for your deadline.

Keep things simple and work on your deadlines, especially good advice to all the fishing types.