Minus 24 Out There

The people on the radio keep informing me that it is -24 C out there today. Not very inspiring of them. I need to get out there, scrape off the car and drive to deliver paperwork. Likely I will stop off for coffee too. Seems you should have more than one thing on your to-do list if you are going to freeze and scrape and start the poor car.

I am reading a (non-fiction) book called ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. I’d like to see what groups there are online geared to the book. It’s set out to be a creative workshop, a 12 week thing to get rid of whatever is blocking your creativity. But, more than just your creativity really. That’s just the focus. What keeps you back? Do you blame others? I think blaming others is a waste of time. In the end you only have yourself under your control, maybe. Work with what you’ve got.

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