Just Me and the Time Lord Fantasy

I’m becoming addicted to the new Doctor Who. Season one is getting a second (though late night) run on CBC.

I used to watch it, I remember Tom Baker and Peter Davison and some of the companions like Tegan. I like the new actor but there is yet another new actor for season two of the new Doctor Who. Kind of annoying to switch to another guy. Just when you get one guy’s face into your late night fantasies you have to jump to another. Not easily done.

Yes, I admit it, I’ve always had doctor fantasies. Kinky ones. Like I’m the only one who was in love with Doctor Kildare when she was 12, or thereabouts.

Anyway, it’s hard not to feel for the current Doctor (the Time Lord) who has his planet blown up and all his people gone. What would it really be like to be the last of your kind, literally. We make movies and write books about the end of civilization but what if it was more than that? It would be strange to have no city, province, country or planet to call home. Where are you from when there’s nothing left.

What were your earliest fantasies, of a kinky nature? Don’t tell me, let me guess, it’s much more fun that way. For me at least.

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