It’s Thursday

Two days of wall to wall kids and I think I have come to a new conclusion on the whole thing about being childless. It’s not all bad. I love the kids but I really can’t stand to hear any more whining and bawling, other than my own. I think she spoils them but wouldn’t bother to tell her that. Anyone without kids is not really allowed to speak up about the parenting skills of their siblings. Even if we are right and giving a three year old girl everything just to avoid hearing her pitch a fit is… impractical. Having her to myself I picked her up from in front of the computer and hauled her up to bed. She hadn’t got dressed all day, never brushed her hair and then at dinner time she decided she would leave to play on the computer. I gave her the choice of going to bed or eating dinner. She picked dinner oddly enough.

After some screaming everthing was fine. I let her come back downstairs and we carried on with dinner. I don’t think there would be this kind of senseless drama if she were used to having some rules. Letting a kid do everything they want and not having rules is stupid. No wonder people can’t control their kids. I’ve seen kids get angry and whack their Mothers. The Mother’s don’t do anything about it, just whine. How stupid. I don’t even let Zack yell at me, if he ever dreamed of hitting me I’d haul him off to think about it in the nearest, dark, quiet closet.

I think I am leaving tonight, depending on when my sister gets back from her trip to Niagara Falls. On Friday I absolutely must drive out to Barrie and deliver the business proposal.

I’m not typing much now. This is my nephew’s computer. He seems to have the crappiest computer that has ever made it past the doors of this computer fantasy of a house. Typing with this is like using an antique typewriter. If I don’t pound the life out of each key I end up missing letters and not having any spaces between my words. I miss my nice black, dusty keyboard at home.

See you!

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