If You’re Reading This…

If you’re reading this…

Likely you have had an Internet addiction at some point, if not now.

Likely you met a Canadian once, or you are a Canadian in which case you’ve met a lot of Canadians.

Likely you have a computer. (That was an easy one).

Likely you have been evolving some kind of typing skills and maybe a really unique typing style.

Likely you read, things other than weblogs, as well as weblogs.

Likely you imagine I’m a stunning red head due to my stick figure grrl. I’m not actually a red head.

Likely you have had to kill at least one insect while you were online in the evening and the glow from the monitor drew in those annoying little flies.

Likely you have done something creative, maybe even today.

Likely you have a family and didn’t actually hatch out of an egg. (OK, that one was stretching).

Likely you have some wrist or neck or back strain from spending too much time on the computer. (Look into moving your monitor higher or getting a different set up for your mouse).

Likely you have used some kind of Internet jargon and thought you were clever.

Likely you can spell more words correctly than incorrectly.

Likely you speak English, if not another language on the side.

Likely you’ve stopped reading long before now and I’m just typing to myself. A lot like having your passenger fall asleep during a long car ride.

Likely you suspected this was the end.

You were right.

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