I Found My Irish Guys for Christmas!!!

When I was last in Alliston I looked for the box that had my Christmas decorations, some which my Mom and I made when I was a kid. Some of them were from family members gone now and some were bought for me when I was a kid. I keep thinking of one angel which my Mom bought at least 25 years ago now. I couldn’t find that box though I know I brought it with me from Todd’s when I came back after the divorce. I hope it didn’t get left at the house in Ballantrae somehow. Anyway, I’ve been feeling pretty sad about it and trying not to think about any of it too much.

One thing I thought was in that box too were a pair of Irish snowmen which I bought myself from some fancy shop here in Toronto several years ago. I found them this afternoon! They were in a bag with some Xmas broches and pins I had too. So I am really happy to have found those guys. I bought them around the time my Grandmother died. She was Irish so they really were special to me. It seemed fate that I went into the shop that day and found them among tons of Christmas stuff. I had been thinking of them each time I thought about anything to do with Christmas this year. Now I have them.

I looked online to see if I could find them for sale online, with a good photo to share in the blog. I found one of them but not the others. I only bought two but I remember there had been a set of three at the shop, I couldn’t afford to get three of them so I had to pick two. Anyway, I found a fairly good picture so you can see them. Too bad it’s a black background and not entirely in focus. I will try to take a better photo once I get some space sorted out to put up the tree.

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