Get Your Attitude Grrls!

I read this from a Harlequin Flipside romance writer. At the time I read it I scoffed and thought “how lame”! Now, I’ve had time to re-think while the idea has simmered on the back burner of my brain. Here it is…

I used to give advice to my university students – all aspiring writers. On the first day of class I would tell them to give me a good Elvis snarl, growl, then say “I can do that!” Surprisingly, I got a lot of resistance, but after a couple of minutes of good, solid growling I explained how that pit bull attitude is the start of achieving anything they want. It’s all about the attitude.

My friend Toni had that “can do” attitude. An immigrant from Italy, she went after what she wanted. Her dream was to be an attorney and later, a criminal court judge. She snarled, growled and she did it! And you can do that too! So let me hear that snarl, hear that growl and say “I can do that!”

Dianne Drake

Go get your pit bull and tackle something that’s been intimidating you! You go Grrrl!

(You too boys).