Get Paid to Have and Abandon Kids

This is a real post from Toronto Craigslist. So strange that a guy would ask for a woman who wants kids and then offer to pay her to get pregnant and abandon them. Would that be the kind of guy you would want to raise your kids?

Short term relationship
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Date: 2006-03-22, 1:27PM EST

Have you been thinking of having kids and not sure if you can carry the financial burden?
I am looking for a surrogate mother to bear my own kid/’s and in return you would be compensated for your time. Should you like to meet up for a chat and possibly take it further, feel free to reply and take it from there.

Another Ad for a Surrogate Mom

I’m not out looking for these things. I was looking at the Vancouver Craigslist cause there was a telecommuting job. Then I wandered into the personal ads cause they are always interesting. I wondered if there was much difference with men in Vancouver versus Toronto. I think it’s a bit more arty out there. Not much else of difference though. I was surprised to find the ad below. But, at least he isn’t intending to pay off the Mother and have her disappear. He seems to want a family but is looking for a short cut. My take on it anyway.

Looking for a pretty girl for Surrogacy
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Date: 2006-03-21, 12:35PM PST


I am an Asian graduate student in Vancouver, 175cm, 68kg, smart, healthy, nice, and for sure handsome. I am looking for a girl (specificly 18-28 years old, 165cm+, beautiful, smart, healthy and nice) whose race is different from me (Caucasian is prefered), for romantic and meaningful love and, possibly, its “product”: a baby. By the way, I am serious and responsible for the coming child and the mom.

Your pic will get mine, if you are interested.

Hope this will not disturb you. Thanks.

[bbe] Father, if it is your pleasure, take this cup from me: but still, let your pleasure, not mine, be done.

* this is in or around Vancouver

Comments (cut and pasted from the old blog this was originally posted to.)

At first, it hit me as really strange too, but as a single lady who never had a chance to have a family of my own, as much as I wanted one, I can kinda understand where he’s coming from. And it’s gotta be worse for a guy, since he can’t have the child himself. At least I could’ve if I chose to go that route.
Comment by skye

I understand that part too. But, if he feels such a need to have kids why does he expect he can pay off the Mother and have her disappear. Also, why doesn’t he WANT the kids Mother to be around? Most women would want at the very least, contact with their kids. Would you give birth and then disappear with your pay cheque? Those would be YOUR kids, no matter what the arrangements you made with him are. I think it’s very strange. I would like to have kids, even still. But not this way. No way. I want to know my kids and have them know me.
Comment by ThatGrrl

I never said I would be able to give them up. But, really, in a way, it’s like a woman giving up a child for adoption. Everyone has their reasons for doing so, and some are just very passionate about helping anyone they can to have a child. Some people don’t do it just for the money.
Comment by skye

Putting the money issue aside. Don’t you think it’s odd that he wants to keep the kids but get rid of the Mother?
Comment by ThatGrrl

No, I don’t. It’s not like he has feelings for this woman. If she stayed in the picture, she might want to have a say in how the kid was raised, which may go totally against how he wanted it raised.
Comment by skye — March 23, 2006

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