Get a Bit More Ambitious

You decided you want to write. So you wrote, you have manuscripts, articles and short stories tucked away. Maybe you sent a few out but got discouraged. Or, maybe you’ve had some published, you’ve had a couple of bylines. Good! Better even if you’ve worked and achieved bigger goals and taken scarier risks.

Now get a bit more ambitious. Take another step. Push an envelope onto another desk, another publisher, a different editor, or your own desk. Could you put together a web zine? Could you run an email list about a topic you write about, know about? Could you try something you wanted to do before but put off for some reason?

If you are someone who has written stories and kept them in a drawer, pull them out. Look them over, do they need some tightening up, a little proofreading? Once they’re spiffed up send them in somewhere. Try it.

I’m getting a bit more ambitious this week. I’m going to put my foot out and see if I trip myself or not. I’m taking steps to really have a writing business, not just someone who submits content, articles, resumes, etc and hopes for the best. I’m going to be one of those home business, self employed people who make cold calls (something which I definitely have butterflies about). But, I’m doing it. I’ve got plans for networking, notes for a business plan and I’ve discovered that you really do have to do more than say you have a business, to have a business.

My new mantra is: take yourself seriously and take action. It could work for you too. Don’t fluff off your work and your ambitions to write. Take yourself seriously and do something about it.

Best wishes.