Do You Hate Anything?

Val wrote an interesting post about hate. It really did make me think. I tried to think of anything or anyone I really hate and I came up blank. I suppose something like serial killers could be hated but even those I don’t want to spend my time and energy on. (In my opinion the government should take care of them, permanently and be done with it).

Anyway, I read Val’s post and wrote comments. Like most blog comments they were spur of the brain thoughts. But, I kind of liked what I said so I’m sticking it in here.

Hate is a really strong word. Consider dislike in at least some cases. I don’t think you really hate everything you think you do. If you really hate something or someone you wouldn’t be able to tolerate having them around. Of course, I’m not speaking from a lot of experience. I’ve never hated anything for longer than a few minutes but I’ve disliked some things most of my life. To hate something or someone is taking a huge burden upon yourself. To hate requires a lot of passion and energy. Settle for just disliking in most cases and just get on with your life.

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