Clutter! There, I said it! Are you cringing just thinking about it? I do. You see, I am a clutter bug.

Sitting in front of my computer I am surrounded on nearly all sides with a clutter of my own making. It’s 90 per cent paper, biodegradable eventually, if I let it sit in the same spot that long. But, there is the odd coffee mug (empty but for the dregs on the bottom), a jar of vitamins (because here I know I will remember to actually take them), there are multiple and assorted pens. The pens are kind of funny since I type everything. But, I do make the odd note, maybe once or twice a week. There are also many PC games. Everyone needs their procrastination of choice. I’d be doing myself a favour if I made them less accessible. Like, if I moved them out of easy reach. That’s not likely to happen, get real!

I’m not a complete pack rat, but everything does seem to settle around my computer, eventually. I could throw out some of the newspapers. If I haven’t read them a month later I should make myself give up on them. But, I might find a really great source for something I’d like to write about. Or, I might come across an ad with a great graphic I could use. (Not copying graphics, just using the ideas to make my own.) Or, I might find an article that says something really amazing, even better than I ever thought to say it myself. *Sigh* It’s so hard to let go.

What’s your clutter? If you had to make a dent in it today, could you? What pile could you sort through fastest? Which one did you last trip over or have to restack when it all slid to one side?

We have an endless supply of information. But at some point we each have to find a way to control it. You can’t do much about the source or the temptation but you can try to limit how much you keep. If you’re living with a path to the computer, it’s really time to take action and let some of it go. Don’t worry, there’ll be more information overload tomorrow.

You are the company you keep, don’t surround yourself with paper, it has a really bad habit of bringing those little buggy worm things. Ick!

Happy decluttering, you know you won’t be alone. I’ve just brought a big green garbage bag to the computer for my own clutter.