Cutesy Words

I do not like cutsey words. “Peeps” “sumpin” and “wassup” make me cringe. Perhaps I’m just showing my age, or being too particular and unbending. Whatever the case, I don’t like them and I can’t see myself changing on this.

It’s interesting to think, the way the English language evolves, some of these so called words could become standard English, over time. Hopefully a lot of time so that I’ll be into my next life and never see it happen.

What do you think about the use of cutsey words? Is it acceptable to use them in an article? I guess it really depends on the editor who will be choosing to pay for the article or not. Of course, a big guideline to language is the publication itself. What do the other writers write like?

Still you have to think of the readers when you submit an article. It’s the readers and the advertisers who make the style guides in the end. These days the advertisers probably have more sway than the readers even.

Anyway, you can be sure that if I ever type something cutsey like sumpin, I will have been taken over by aliens or something even worse.