Could you Spare a Cup of Fat?

I really think it’s time someone invented a pill that kills fat cells. Just take one and all your extra fat dissolves. How simple would that be. Movie stars could take a double dose so they can keep their skeletal good looks.

If it became common they’d be cheap too. Everyone would have a pill or two as needed. Think of all the savings to the environment. No more exercise and diet books would need to be printed, all those trees could be spared! The existing books could be recycled. You get to choose to compost them or use them as wood burning fuel.

Everyone would wear the same sized clothes, or near enough. Everyone could eat less cause food would get kind of boring if there wasn’t that whole challenge of not getting fat. Then, all those exercise machines and gadgets could be made over into machinery for hospitals, factories and other more productive things.

Health care costs would go way down too. All those doctors working on liposuction, stomach stapling and such would be transferred into more useful things like helping cancer patients and sports injuries cause far more people would be involved in sports and extreme sports too.

I bet things wouldn’t go so well for TV. As people felt better and became more active they’d be less likely or interested in settling down in front of a TV screen for the evening. Maybe more would go out to movies. Likely they would choose something else, something more interesting than watching other people do things. Now, all slim and trimmed up they would do more of those things themselves.

Few people would need a second dose. Once they felt good (emotionally and physically) they wouldn’t settle for a sedientary lifestyle. Keeping active would keep them in better shape.

The one thing I do wonder is what would happen to all that dissolved fat? Could it be somehow put to use. Could it be gathered in it’s dissolved and compressed form and shipped off to all those starving people in Third World countries. I’m not sure how that would work exactly. It could be kind of complicated. However, instead of listening to those informercials begging for dollars you would hear them begging for your used fat cells instead. Your wallet would be of almost no interest if you’d just spare a few hundred fat cells instead.

Thank you very much.

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