Backing Up

Typing on a borrowed computer, no spellcheck or word count, no thesaurus and no saved files for updating the newsletter. Worst of all, the space bar is temperamental. I miss my computer but I will have it back soon. Just trying to sort out the car and job stuff.

How addicted are you to your computer and the information you have stored in it? Could you go without for a day, two days, a week? What would you miss most? Which are the really important files that you can’t do without? What about other things like that desktop wallpaper you saved from that really neat website?

All kind of things you rely on your computer for. So, wouldn’t this be a good time to back it up. At least make copies of information you don’t have a back up for. What are you doing tonight that you couldn’t put off to take the time to back up your files? Won’t you wish you had when it’s too late?

Get a CD burner (if you can) and back up your important files and data once a month. You can use a rewrite able CD and just copy over the same files each month. Even the regular CD’s are not very expensive. Whichever way you do it, back up your files on a regular basis. You never know when you will be without your computer: whether it’s permanent or just while traveling or having repairs done, etc.

This message brought to you by the Society for Missing All Data, SMAD for short.

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