Back to the Beaches

I think I will be back to the Beaches apartment today, tonight. I did actually miss it once while I have been away. The upstairs tenants are noisy and seem to have a fetish for chair scraping. It’s dark with only one window which the people upstairs have blocked off with a garden shed thing. But, my computer is there. Home is where the PC is, right? 😉

I would say I love my computer but I am too much looking forward to replacing it with a newer model so that’s not really love just some twisted kind of lust.

I have almost 200 pictures on the digital camera to upload. I did get out to that derelict farmhouse off the 400 highway. It was really nice up close. I especially like the main doorway. Quite fancy for an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. I even found an old Pyrex bowl there and brought it home. It was SO stinky but after bleaching it and multi-washing it is ok and stink free. Pretty too as you will see when I post it’s photo.

I’ve been making an extensive list of books lost due to the water. I think I need to get the current prices for all of them, in order for the insurance to know how much they would cost to replace. I think that’s how it works. Nothing with paper involved is ever that simple though.

It is my neice’s birthday today, she is 3 but looks about two. Her name is Emma Jeanne. She has a new short hair cut cause her older sister gave them both a haircut a couple of weeks ago. I never did get good pictures of that. The haircuts were actually quite well done for a girl not quite four years old. I think she just wanted to get all that baby hair out of her face. Good job Roxanne! They really were good cuts, I’m not being sarcastic. Of course her Mother didn’t think so. I think it’s a parent’s job to not think a little girl can cut hair well, as if she can’t be a genius until she’s older.

I’m having kind of happy day even though things are pretty crazy. See you tonight if I get the Internet set up without any problems.

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