Assignments for Home-Based Writers

From the book – How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business by Lucy V. Parker, these are sixty key assignments for home-based writers:

Advertising copy

Anniversary materials for corporations, organizations, institutions, municipalities

Annual reports

Articles for employee magazines

Articles for single-sponsor magazines

Articles for trade journals and small magazines



Capability brochures

Catalogues and product sheets

CD-ROM/ Interactive media writing

City and newcomer guides

Collateral materials

Conference and trade show materials


Contributing editor assignments

Critical reviewing

Direct-mail packages



Employee benefit materials

Environmental materials

Family histories and genealogies


Fund-raising materials

Ghost writing and collaboration

Greeting card writing


Industry-specific writing

Instructional materials

Investor-relations materials.

Letter writing


Menu writing

New product regulatory writing


Newspaper feature writing, reporting and stringing

Packaging design and copy

Policies and procedures writing

Political campaign writing

Press releases and press kits



Public relations services and materials

Radio and TV ads and promotions


Restaurant reviewing and writing

Resume writing

Retail and mall promotions

Sales presentations

Scripts and storyboards


Sports materials and services

Teaching writing

Technical writing

Telemarketing scripts

Transcripts and other forms of word processing


Travel writing

Website content providing

Go through the list and pick out which you like to do, could do more of, or could learn to do. It’s a great list. Find a copy of the book for more information about any of the assignments above.

You can also look up information about being a virtual assistant. I know some writers/ web designers/ virtual assistants – people who are leaving their options open and learning a lot of new skills. The key is to find your niche, the area(s) where you can flourish and grow and really love what you’re doing.