April Fools… for Zack

I always come up with a good April Fools joke for my family. This April 1st I was down here with my sister and her kids. I still am even. I want to go home. I want to have my own computer and have a long, hot shower and use too much conditioner and scour my body with the bath brush. I’m not dirty, just oily skin.

Anyway, I did help Zack with April Fools. He didn’t quite get the finese of the master April Fools joke but he was happy with his ‘pranks’. I do think he watches too much really dense American TV. I even got him to call Grandma who is in Florida still. He put on a fake accent which was better than I expected he could do it. I wonder if my Mom (his Grandma) caught on or not. He didn’t say April Fools at the end and he wouldn’t call back to leave another message saying April Fools.

Not much going on. Not with the car anyway. I am so… so… so… tired of this, for lack of more descriptive and less polite words. In three weeks I still have not gotten the emissions done. I am driving around at risk of being caught without a valid sticker/ license plate which would mean a hefty ticket for me to pay. Next time I will not ask for help or advice. I will not phone anyone. I will get the thing done in January, just to have it done before anyone even begins to give me advice about how to get it done.

Too bad this wasn’t an April Fools joke.

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